Let’s start off with, “What is NATO”? What does it stand for? NATO stands for The National Association of Theatre Owners. There is a national level as well as a state or regional level. On the national level, NATO is the leading motion picture theatre trade association in the world which serves the business, legal and technical interests of movie theatre owners in the United States and around the world. The state and regional units serve as the grassroots of exhibition.

Every year state and local governments bring home national concerns and issues that focus on our industry and local theatres. They also are looking for more ways to bring in taxes to make up for deficits in their budgets. These governments may act upon these issues with a lack of knowledge and thereby adversely affect our business. But as a member of your state organization, we can join together to let our positions be known.

If you are not a member we ask that you join us. Annual dues are very affordable, while the benefits are many.