To apply for a CATO Scholarship, an employee must be a senior in high school, a matriculated college undergraduate or a trade school student. In order to be eligible one must be employed at least three months at a dues paying CATO member theatre in the State of Connecticut. Students who work seasonally are eligible.


Complete application form and mail with supporting papers to:
Connecticut Association of Theatre Owners
C/O Doug Murdoch
10807 Falls Road #1150
Brooklandville, MD 21022-1150

Applications must be received by
Thursday, June 1, 2017.

Scholarship winners will be announced in July 2017.


  1. Up to seven scholarships may be awarded for a total of $10,000; three of $2000 each and four of $1,000 each. Scholarships will be awarded upon proof of matriculation at the school of choice and checks will be made out to the institution in the student’s name.
  2. A committee of CATO members and a local educator will choose the award recipients on the basis of theatre employment, school records and civic participation.
  3. The following information must be included:
    1. The CATO application completely filled out.
    2. A letter of work history from your Theatre Manager.
    3. You school transcript, SAT scores, grade point average, and class rank.
    4. A personal profile letter which explains your goals, with any reasons why you need or feel you deserve a CATO Scholarship.
  4. Scholarship recipients must enroll in a college, university, or trade school for the full term, and must meet all qualifications for the school of their choice. If a winner does not attend school for the fall term of 2017, the award will be forfeited.
  5. These scholarships are not affected by any other financial aid received by applicant.